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A Review by Jack Puglisi


The essential basis for the plastic arts is gesture, therefore gesture necessarily informs and underpins all the plastic arts.

Gesture is and has been an important component of my drawings. The more I let my body make the mark, and involve as much of my body as possible in the mark-making, the more genuine is the mark. I look at whatever I’m drawing but try (if that is the right word) not to involve my mind in the mark-making. The more physical and the less mental, the more genuine the mark.

Everyone’s mark is personal, physical and unique. In choosing artists for this show I was primarily looking for a physicality and genuineness in their mark making.

The fact that all the artists represented here are women is not intended as a political statement in any way, I didn’t really notice that they were all women until I had selected them. That recently there have been a plethora of “Women Artist” shows had no bearing on my choices, this is not intended as one of those shows.

Gesture as a basis of the plastic arts is evident in the work of each artist in this show, each in their own way. Whether more realistic or abstract, drawn from life or the imagination, each artist’s work starts with gesture then evolves from there to the finished pieces you see here.


Tim Fabian