Silent Beings

Are we silent beings? Do we suffer in silence for that which our spirit has witnessed? Do we dwell in the confusion, pain and mire wrought forth eons ago?

Are we the observers of the obsolete and pain? Do we speak of it? Do we dwell in its harsh realities? Do we silently reflect such?

There is a violent aspect of passivity; a nature of its own; a storm of unseen, unspoken emotion. 

We are resilient to our surroundings through our thoughts, interpretations and actions. What we see, what we do, what legacy we leave behind...

Are we silent beings? Is our violence silent?

It is through hardship and with open eyes that we truly empathize with the harsh and tender beauty that surrounds us. 

Will you sit silently in the garden set before us?    

Timothy Kelley

Timothy Kelley

Silent Beings

Opening Reception October 21st 6-9pm

Exhibit runs Oct 21st to Nov 25th, 2017

An artist talk will be held on Saturday, November 4th, 1:30 pm, after the life drawing class at Panza Gallery