Form Demands Place

March 14-17, 2018

Panza Gallery

Canadian artists Martina Lantin and Zimra Beiner were featured in the show, Form Demands Place at Panza Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The show was part of the National Council on Education for The Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference.  Their opening on Friday, March 23rd was a fun time for artists and educators to come together and view the diverse works on exhibition. Despite even some minor challenges during a snowy weekend crossing the national border, Martina and Zimra’s crate of ceramics had successfully arrived at Panza Gallery and the show came together as a real treat to the Millvale and greater Pittsburgh community.

Going beyond the ordinary, Martina and Zimra’s works dove into a repertoire of asymmetrical shapes, sizes, and textures that found their roles through deliberate pairings and groupings with other works. Objects were presented in various spaces such as natural wooden mantles, frames, and stages that were created on-the-spot throughout the gallery. Decisions intuitively made in the moment helped to create an authentic and more unscripted placement of objects that also related in the moment to the very place they found themselves in.  Compliments of selected wallpaper and locally bought fresh flowers also took stage with the ceramic works. 

Form Demands Place shared the invitation for us to think differently about how we, too, can integrate objects and given environments together as a meaningful sign. Such integrative relatability between forms and places opens up new possibilities for the viewer, artist, and environment.


Mary Jeanette Eberhardinger


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