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As I Stroll

April 7-28, 2018

Panza Gallery

Pittsburgh-based artist Christopher Boring is featuring his work in the solo-exhibition, As I Stroll at Panza Gallery in Millvale, PA. Two series of works are currently on exhibition, including Along the Path and Yinz.  The works include elements of nature such as rocks and cracks in concrete as well as a variety of beloved and tucked-away scenes in Pittsburgh, PA.  Talking to both Christopher and his wife, Heather Heitzenrater, who is also a Pittsburgh-based artist, was enlightening for understanding a bit more about some concepts and inspiration behind the works.  At the end of the opening, Christopher revealed that “Heather is a big inspiration”.

In particular, the works Extension of Luck and Hanging onto Luck give the viewer an angle for the holding on to rich memories of childhood and what we happen to notice in everyday life as children.  The retrieval of such memories expressed through oil painting, charcoal, and pencil reveal the power that objects of nature and our surroundings have on the formulation, extension, and “hanging on” of human memory.

As I Stroll encourages the viewer to reflect upon how our own memories, whether recent or from long ago and whether fleeting or staying, may re-enter our lives if we take the time to notice signs within our own environments.

Mary Jeanette Eberhardinger

Hanging onto Luck

Extension of Luck